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Countax d50ln starts, runs for a short time then cuts out with the word STOP on dashboard LED panel. When engine is running instead of the engine speed being displayed the display shows 00000

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I have exactly the same problem. Did you find out what it was?
Hi, me too, exactly the same. Please does anyone know the solution? Thanks.
I have exactly the same. hELP!

I have just fitted a new loom, When the positive battery terminal is connected, the solenoid fuel clicks.

This shouldn't happen until the ignition key is turned. All switches have been connected correctly so far as I can see.

Presumably, the PCD IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. A wiring diagram would be useful

in diagnosing the problem.The actual picture of the loom in the Countax parts list is not completely accurate.

ie It doesn't show the eight individual relays, nor the correct number of bayonet fittings relating to the ignition switch. There are two on my loom, and I don't know what to do with one of these.

My D50LN doesn't have dial height, so two of the LARGE bayonet fittings I have are not needed, of course.

I have solved the problem previously mentioned. ie; I fitted another PCB.

I thought it was the board and so did an engineer, but when he looked at it more closely he found two wires had burnt out! He did somemagic with the wiring and it now works fine.

Hi Michael

Any chance you can tell me WHICH / where the wires that were burnt out? That i,s from where did they run to / from? And can you tell me the colours please? I've spent a fortune so far and got nowhere. it is definitely NOT the PCB on mine. (do you want a spare!)

Many thanks.


I see he thread of this topic finished a year ago, was there a solution found? My machine is also doing the same
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