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Maintenance chart for C800 4WD

Whoa, it looks like I'm the first one to post on this site. Let's get the ball rolling:

I'm after a maintenance chart for my 4WD. What needs to be done when.
Also, a chart of lube points would be very useful.
What I would really like is a service manual, but I was told it doesn't exist...

Peter from NZ.


Hello Peter,

Thanks for getting the ball rolling!!

We are currently updating the information that you're after. I have passed your request on to our Master Technician so that we can ensure you get the new updated version.

We will be in touch in the next 24hrs.



I also would like a maintenance schedule for my C800 4WD where do I get one?

Hi Paul

The recommended service schedule is yearly or every 100 hours whichever is soonest. Any additional info would be in the owners manual.

if you type "Service Check sheet 2016" in the search bar this should bring up a list of works normally carried out by our dealers on an annual service.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Regards Mark

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