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B250 Dashboard Issues

My 3 year old B250 has a few dashboard issues. I can't see the total number of hours, the RPM indicator isn't working and the PTO (deck or collector) isn't showing properly. I understand there have been issues with some of the dashboards across the range. Does anyone have any ideas other than a faulty unit.

Thanks for your time.


Sounds like the board is faulty, who is your local dealer where you brought this from ?

you can call us on 01844 278800 if you would like to get some more information.



Thanks for that. It was bought at Pecks of Ely but my nearest dealer is now Christchurch Power Tools in Christchurch, Dorset. Will Countax replace the faulty dashboard unit? Thanks again for your help. Andy

Is your unit still in warranty ? What the serial number and I will check.

Did you buy this unit new ?

The serial number is A0280556 Thanks
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