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Countax c38h reservoir k46 transaxle

I have purchased a c38h and under the seat is the reservoir, how much oil should be in it and how to change the oil in the transaxle and what oil to use. Also will be giving the Honda engine a service , replacing the oil and plug. What oil should be used and is there anything else I should do to service it. Thanks in advance

The tank should only be filled half way as it's an expansion tank.

Plug will be NGK BPR5ESĀ 

For the spec of oil please check the engine manual ( usually it a 10W 40 )

Thanks for the reply, I have to change the long pto belt under the chassis and the transmission drive belt under the chassis any guidance would be appreciated also at the moment they are both really slack is there a way of tension them or is there no tensioner

Do you want to call us tomorrow on 01844 278800 to discuss this ?

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