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Battery needs charging? D18/50


My D18/50 Countax Garden Tractor which I recently bought (used) was working all right when suddenly all I get when turning the key is a tick tick tick sound and no engine turning. It's possible that I left the key half turned and that the battery has been depleted though the deck still goes up and down. Ant thoughts on this. I'm sure it's very basic but I'm a real beginner with engines. If it is the battery can I jump start it like a car? I'm not sure whether you can do this with a diesel (as I say, a real beginner!). Perhaps I'm missing something equally basic - any thoughts welcome.



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Charge the battery anyway but when you turn the ignition key  wait until the initial GLO symbol which indicates the glowplugs are heating up changes to something else, then turn the key further it should start but if you're not even getting a click it could be a bad earth connection or the starter solenoid or as mine was just jammed up with muck !

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